Hispano Round Table of New Mexico's 27th Annual Tribute to Hispano Legislators 

27th Annual Tribute is coming soon! 


Our Annual Tribute to Hispano Legislators was initially started in

1992 as a way to honor and support our Hispano Legislators who were

under continuous media and public criticism in their efforts to

support our Hispano Community.  It was also formed as a platform to

advance our mission, goals, objectives and accomplishments.

Past Tributes

During our Annual Tribute to Hispano Legislators, we pay tribute to

all of our Hispano Legislators, community leaders and Hispano

Veterans.  This is our way of thanking those who have sacrificed so

much for the betterment of our community, state and country.  Hispano

Veterans represent the highest percentage of highly decorated Soldiers

and Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients in the country.  The

freedom we enjoy today as a nation is because of our Hispano Veterans

and the many leaders who have fought to protect our civil rights as

Hispano Americans.

"Leadership is not difficult; Do what is right for most of the population all of the time. Where leaders mess up, is they start serving the big money interests which is only 1%. Then the majority 99% gets left out. That is not leadership!"